Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Triplegoddess Triptic

For my first time with photoshop and working with computers so intensely, I'm pretty proud of myself.
This is piece is about the triple goddess. In the Wicca faith women go through different stages; as dose  nature and the life in general. In nature spring is the begging the goddess wakes up from her sleep as the Oak King win the battle against the Holy King and life starts anew. In women this time is call the maiden from about 12-18 it's when life is fresh, pure,and all about leaning. Just like the  waxing of the moon just a small but bright light against the night sky.
The next stage is called the mother or the warrior. It's the time when women is at their peak of life, and their most powerful in sensuality, fertility, and over all femininity. Like during summer and fall when life and nature are most abundant with good weather and food for the harvest. In this stage women is like the full moon shining brighter anything else in the night sky. 
The last stage is the crone the end of life, winter. Women has done all that she can in her life and her last gift to fellow man is her knowledge, with it she smooths and guides the next generation to a bright and new future. In nature winter is the end of the year went plants and animals die a way to quietly swipe the world clean and make room for the next years spring.          


  1. Your Triptych has great use of colors!! They are all very pleasing to the eye and blend together well. Also the themes are very creative! Nice work!

  2. There is a very cartoon-y, whimsical aspect to your tryptic. I like it!